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Product Description. Scrabble Flash. freegamesonlinefreedownload.review Scrabble Flash offers a compact, modern version of the classic game that people of all vocabulary levels can. Scrabble Flash is a fast-paced new take on a classic game. The game consists of five electronic tiles, each. The Scrabble Flash Game is a fun, electronic version of the classic game that will bring kids and families alike together like never before. Three different solo or. It will also give you the maximum amount of words all 5 letters can make. WonderHowTo Gadget Hacks Next Reality Invisiverse Driverless Null Byte. Use a flat surface that is easy to slide the tiles around on. Fun game that you can play alone or with a group. Scrabble Five-Letter Flash is a solo game that only lets you play 5 letter words.

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How to play games 1,2 on the scrabble flash cubes! Community Dashboard Random Article About Us Categories Recent Changes. Help answer questions Start your very own article today. Cannot return by mail. As far as I could tell, it only works for one game, it won't combine to make longer words. Scrabble Flash is a electronic game from Hasbro consisting of 5 LCD tiles that can communicate wirelessly with each other. The game will display your total score SCR and the maximum score MAX you could have earned if you had made every word possible with the 5 letters you were given. CR Lithium 5 are needed. flash scrabble game Conditions of Use Privacy Policy. The scoring system only works for the 1st game. These "SmartLink" electronic letter devices each have a black and white League one display which shows one single letter. After you find a word, you get a new set of letters to unscramble. If the problem is still not fixed, wait until the pieces turn off, then re-calibrate all the pieces. There's already one of those and a multitude of imitations for the Apple iPhone, iPod, and Facebook. Each word you make scores 1 point. Cannot return by mail. Continue shuffling tiles to make new words until time expires. Was this answer helpful? Each time you make a legal word, the tiles will beep and highlight the letters in the word.